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Previous Entry So THAT's a Quarter-Century..."Galvion" Turns 25! Feb. 3rd, 2009 @ 11:45 pm Next Entry
Today the Give-A-Showa Projector salutes one of my guiltiest pleasures, the 1984 Kokusai Eigasha series "Chou Kousoku Galvion":

(And the very next day, February 4, 1984, saw the debut of "Heavy Metal L-Gaim"...so chalk up another quarter-century celebrant tomorrow! [That's the date its first actual animated episode aired; the previous week was a solid half-hour introductory special (we called it "episode zero" in those callow days of North American fandom), with a Tominocious jaw-fest punctuated with occasional shots of Mamoru Nagano drawing lifesize "L-Gaim" characters on clear upright panels around the set. So, anyway: celebrate with confidence! ;^) ])

Man, "Giant Gorg" hits the big 2-5 this year too, on April 5...Heck, get your calendar ready...

Here are all the anime debut dates of 1984 (tokusatsu too, while I was at it)! These are TV series, unless noted otherwise.

1/07: "Okawari-Boy Starzans" (dang, man, shoulda thought of this sooner...)
1/08: "Makiba no Shoujo Katori" (oops again...)
2/03: "Chou Kousoku Galvion"
2/04: "Juusenki [Heavy Metal] L-Gaim" and "Chou Denshi Bioman"
2/07: "Yume Senshi Wingman" and "Souya Monogatari"
2/11: "Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer" [movie] and "Wata no Kunihoshi" [movie]
3/02: "Uchuu Keiji Shaider"
3/03: "Lupin III Part 3" and "Tongari Boushi no Memoru"
3/04: "Video Senshi Laserion" and "Boukensha-tachi Ganba to 7piki no Nakama" [movie]
3/10: "Shounen Kenya" [movie]
3/11: "Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa" [movie] and "Meitantei Holmes" [movie] and "Choujin Locke" [movie] and "Mirai Shounen Conan: Tokubetsuhen Kyodaiki Gigant no Fukkatsu" [movie]
3/17: "Doraemon: Nobita no Makai Daibouken" [movie] and "Ninja Hattori-kun+Parman Chounouryoku Wars" [movie] and "Oshin" [movie] and "Ultraman ZOFFY Ultra no Senshi VS Daikaijuu Gundan" [movie] and "Ultraman Kids M7.8 Hoshi no Yukaina Nakama" [movie]
3/18: "Gu-Gu Ganmo"
3/20: "Chiisana Koi no Monogatari: Chitchi to Sarii no Hatsukoi no Shiki" [telefeature]
4/03: "Oyoneko Buunyan"
4/05: "Giant Gorg" and "Ranpoo"
4/09: "Glass no Kamen" and "Chikkun Takkun"
4/13: "Attacker YOU!"
4/15: "God Mazinger" and "Chou Jikuu Kidan Southern Cross"
7/06: "Mahou no Yousei Perusha"
7/07: "Fushigina Koala Blinky"
7/14: "Ultraman Monogatari" [movie] and Toei Manga Matsuri: "Kinnikuman"/"Chou Denshi Bioman"/"Uchuu Keiji Shaider"/"The Kabocha Wine: Nita no Aijou Monogatari" [movie]
7/21: "Macross: Ai Oboeteimasu ka" [movie] and "SF Shinseiki Lensman" [movie] and "Birth" [movie]
8/04: "Chikyuu Monogataro Telepath 2500" [movie]
8/19: "Daishizen no Majuu Bagi" [telefeature]
9/01: "Yoroshiku Mechadoc"
9/27: "Futaridaka"
10/04: "Hokuto no Ken" and "Koala Boy Kokkii" (I know who won...)
10/05: "Panzer World Galient"
10/06: "Chouriki Robo Galatt" and "Galactic Patrol Lensman" and "Ashita Tenki ni Naare"
10/07: "Seijuushi Bismark"
10/09: "Taotao Ehonkan II"
11/06: "Meitantei Holmes"
12/22: Toei Manga Matsuri: "Kinnikuman Ooabare! Seigichoujin"/"Dr. Slump Arale-chan Hoyoyo! Bananajou no Hihou"/"Uchuu Keiji Shaida Tsuiseki! Shigishigi Yuukaidan" [movie]

Interesting...and with 33 anime series or telefeatures produced for broadcast in 1984, the list was a piece o' cake to do (thanks, ja.wikipedia.org!) compared to, say, doing one for 2008: According to the January '09 issue of ANIMEDIA, last year 125 different anime series were produced for broadcast...and if that's not "yikes!" enough, that's down from 137 in 2007...

*Whew*, now my educational penance for inflicting "Galvion" on untold innocents is done...off to bed!
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Date:February 3rd, 2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, memories.

I need to find my old tape of openings next time I'm in Maryland and see if I can find a way to watch them... >.>;
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Date:February 5th, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
Serious. Mannn, the tape I used to watch the most back home was the one that was solid openings...*sigh*
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Date:February 5th, 2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
I had a nice one of openings and random UY insert songs.

It's where I first heard Ikkiman...
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Date:February 6th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
Heyyy, that's how I first heard "Ikkiman" too--an opening title stuck on the end of a tape! Man, openings can't be beat as tasty bite-site samples. When taping shows for folks back in the day, I'd always fill the last few minutes with assorted openings, just in case something might be the first exposure and snatch someone's fancy. Think that's the greatest thing about the 1,000-Anison Nonstop Medley: tantalizing glimpses at such a vast range of topics...(but it's scary, too, thinking about all the time it would take to watch all those extra-interesting-looking series!)
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Date:February 3rd, 2009 10:09 pm (UTC)
Since that's the year that "Mahou no Yousei Perusha" premiered, that would also make it the year that Kokusai Eigasha died, right? We thank you, Kokusai Eigasha, for making the ultimate sacrifice...
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Date:February 5th, 2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
Yep, "Perusha" was the next-to-last. "Futaridaka" finally finished the job...*double sigh*

I forget now what it was, but, recently noticed something Kokusai Eigasha-related (maybe one of Yamato's GN-U releases?) whose copyright had changed from Kokusai Eigasha to the name of Shigeo Tsubota, who was Kokusai Eigasha's executive director and one of its producers. Past that, what's left of the company may be living on as a zombie barnacle on the hide of Enoki Films USA...
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Date:February 4th, 2009 04:26 am (UTC)
I was always amazed by Galatt, because it was so damn insane. I have no idea why it didn't catch on and do a (then normal) run, other than many of the 'tropes' in the show were uncommon and somewhat startling (well, not so much if you're a Tatsunoko fan I guess), or if the paltry merchandising hurt the show, or if it was up against a real powerhouse, or if it was the start of the Rise of Nintendo or...

*ahem* I think Galatt would do well in the U.S. now, if the marketplace for anime wasn't utterly in the crapper.

And StarzanS...I have great love for StarzanS, and many of the gags seem even more funny in the post-Star Wars prequels world.

There's a metric buttload of good, solid, entertaining anime in that list that sadly, given how things are, the AmeriOtaku will never even know of. Well, any of the Miyazaki stuff, sure, but the rest? *pffft*

Cripes, with all the retro-remakes going on, why not Galvion? Actually finish the story.

Whatever happened to Tagami (sp?)? He was a 'hot flavor' for chara work for a brief moment there and then, at least to my eyes, vanished.
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Date:February 5th, 2009 07:30 pm (UTC)
I only saw the first few episodes of "Galatt" but enjoyed 'em; up to that point, it struck me as a Sunrise try at a sorta-kinda Toriyamaesque (toward the "Dr. Slump"ier side of the spectrum) take on 'bots. ...that's what comes through the fuzz of the 20-some years since I've last seen 'em, anyway...

And, "StarzanS," man...that's entertainment! But yet, no DVD release. That's the case for a lot of Tatsunoko's catalog, but still...think Lucasfilms (or its really large shadow) might have anything to do with that?

AmeriOtaku...*sigh* It's now four months since I pitched stories to Otaku USA. More'n two months since Patrick Macias popped up here. Whaddya think...?

For three years, Yoshihisa Tagami was a busy guy in anime--"Galvion" character designer in '84, and then Kitty Films adapted his manga "Karuizawa Syndrome" as an OVA in '85, and then Tokuma adapted his manga "Grey" as theatrical "Grey: Digital Target" in '86...and that, for some reason, was the end of it. He continued to draw manga, doing more than a dozen series (like "Grey," his "Horobi" and "Frontier Line" also got English-language releases), and into the '90s he had a long-running hit in "Nervous Breakdown"...but his health has reportedly gone downhill this decade, and after his "Karuizawa Syndrome" sequel ended in '06, I've only seen a one-shot go by--and I've been watching close; he's one of my all-time favorites.
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Date:February 7th, 2009 07:44 pm (UTC)
I seem to recall Tagami's 'Call Me Wolf' was a favorite of yours, i don't think that got an English/American release...or is my brain even more gone to jelly? :)

But it's interesting that Tagami's 'long nose' style finally found mass acceptance when Nobuteru Yuuki hit the stage...mmm, when, the mid-90's? I seem to recall Yuuki seemed like a 'new guy' but some bio has him working in the anime biz for like 20 years, so huh...

I honestly don't know what to tell you about Patrick. I can't decode him, and I like to think I have a good grasp on understanding people. I do know that in a recent burst of emails he's commented on how 'tight' the magazine is getting for content space, there may be too many things going on for the space available.

I mean, he wants an overview of the Captain Harlock and GE999 TV series in 1400 words, including any sidebars. Now, to my mind that's nowhere near enough, all you can really do with that is "this is neat and that is neat and oh boy you should check it out" but I'm not a professional writer, I'm not an editor, clearly I have no clue about the realities of the magazine world. I'm sure it's a terrible balance, trying to work in 'old' stuff while keeping lots of 'new hot flava' to attract the AmeriOtaku, but then again, given how the entire American anime industry is imploding like an old hotel in Vegas it may be that changing the focus to bring the fans articles on things they DON'T know about would be the best way, as trying to cater to fans of only the NEW HAWT who openly acknowledge they WON'T PAY FOR STUFF seems to be a bad business model.

But what do I know? I'll keep trying, you should keep trying, I strongly and honestly believe that your Anison knowledge needs to be in print. He'll probably read this, I'll get further on his poo list but maybe you'll finally get some commitment. I'm sorry I can't seem to do better in this.
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Date:February 10th, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
Double-yep, "Wolf" was pretty fun, and didn't get an English-language release. Tagami's military mercenary series "Fedain -Senshi-" and its sequel "Africa no Taiyou" were even better.

Heck, maybe a 1400-word overview of the "Captain Harlock" and "GE999" TV series is an experiment in blending old and new. What with both TV series currently in the middle of high-profile rebroadcasts in Japan ("Captain Harlock" on Kids Station, "GE999" on Animax), the timing couldn't be better for the Won't Pay For Stuff gang, appetites duly whetted, to seek out and score pirate downloads of episodes...

I really appreciate all your help and encouragement through this. With time continuing to roll on past, though--and today's news of Casey Rankin's death really brings that home; had hoped to try to interview him for a sidebar on one of the stories I pitched--am thinking that while waiting, I'll put the time to use by writing something that's longer...maybe as long as 148 pages, softcover, and perfect bound, if the planets are in alignment. ;^)

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Date:February 11th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
I happen to think that's an excellent idea, the book.

The push for Harlock and GE999 is due to pirate site turned 'legit'(because dammit, they're still sketchy) Crunchyroll doing some oddball partner thing with Toei, with English subtitles even. Course, what I hear is the subs make the old Fuji TV Hawaii/NYC subs look like high literature and nobody knows if they're going to go the distance (let's face it, 113 episodes of GE999 is a lot of...stuff) and this is cool and hopefully the AmeriOtaku will bother to watch this stuff and maybe, maybe a few will be weened from the MOE and the maids and the harem shows, but then what? You can't BUY the shows on DVD, nobody is doing any merchandising, there's no way to EXPAND from this, just disposable entertainment.

(and totally useless for those of us on dialup and no credit card but that's a seperate issue)

If Toei set up an online Anime Police Pero and sold the Taito game prize toys and the Banpresto Gashapon and all that stuff, you might have a toehold, might leverage this into some traction and profit, but...

(and that Taito Blue Arcadia is f'ing GOLD. I love that thing, I got one in exchange for helping Tim Eldred with some stuff. it's awesome. It's not PERFECT but it's damn good and stupid cheap compared to the Aoshima one :)

(HEY TAITO! How about the Cosmo Percussion M78 with light-up Mazone Detector? Right after that Yamato Cosmogun that I know you have to be hard at work on, yes yes...)

Arrggh. sorry, it just hurts, the frustration, the missed chances.

I'll be impressed when Crunchyroll runs Queen of a 1000 Years and Starzinger.

Hey, check it, your grin for the day!


If you scroll down, you'll see what may be all the different uses Takatoku Toys got from a single toy ray gun mold!
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Date:February 12th, 2009 09:22 am (UTC)
Huh...! Hadn't known about the Crunchyroll arrangement. (It's ironic...a couple years back, Matsumoto was pretty vocally--like, make-the-TV-news-shows vocally--anti-pirate downloads.)

Mannn...absolutely, I feel your frustration. Am looking forward to reading your piece, though--and who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to change the situation for some future go-round...we can only hope.

Ooooh, yeah, Taito's blue Arcadia! Plus, y'know, it's something you can handle and enjoy. I've got one of the Aoshima ones, and frankly am scared to take it out of the package until there's a safe place to display it...which may be a while...

Thanks for the link--so great to see all the guns! Wow, I hadn't known about the Go Shogun one either... Y'know, I've got the Baldios one (nowhere near as nice as that painted one, though! ;^) ) in the package; will shoot a photo tonight and post it here with its info, and you're certainly welcome to grab the photo and use it if you like.
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Date:February 12th, 2009 01:19 pm (UTC)
oh, oh, I'm sorry if I misled you, those guns aren't mine, I WISH they were mine! That's Toybox DX, home to insane robot collectors, guys with fetishes for the little rubber guys that came packed in those fish sausage snacks, and such like.

And I'm not doing the article, I'm going thru a bad, bad time right now and bowed out, Tim and Dave Merrill are handling the chores. About the best I've been able to do is some short commentary for Tim about the Yamato gameboy game to be published at Starblazers.com

The Crunchyroll thing, yeah, got a lot of heads spinning. Guy leveraged millions of investment money due to the huge number of 'eyeballs' during the bootleg period, now going legit, supposedly not allowing illegal material, going to a pay service and lo and behold the huge numbers of users dropped by several hundred percent. I figure they fold up in another year or so.

Ah well. Not my worry, it's not aimed at me, Harlock and GE999 excepted :)
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Date:February 12th, 2009 01:47 pm (UTC)
No worries, I'd read the discussion! Since it got mentioned that there wasn't a Baldios gun on hand for reference, and you're a member and I'm not, that's why I offered here to photo mine. You're welcome to pass along the photos and info if you'd like.

Nomura Toy's Baldios Beam Gun (1980):

Man, Steve, I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch right now.

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Date:February 12th, 2009 08:17 pm (UTC)
Ah, if I really sit down and think of it, I've been having a bad patch since '96, but I don't talk about it much, nobody needs to be brought down, sorry I slipped and went all boo hoo hoo there.



That is some cool Baldios raygun!

Now look at that, compare it to the Takatoku one, look how SIMILAR the design is! The big difference I see is the Nomura looks squared off while the Takatoku one is rounded all over, in keeping with the original Cyborg 009 design. And it's surprising that they DIDN'T re-use the Yamato Cosmogun for this!

Not being as up on my Balidos as I should be, how does it compare with the pistols actually used in the show? Close? not so close? So wrong it makes the Takatoku 'Macross' gun look accurate? :)

That's a nice catch and looks in great shape!

Oh, in case you didn't catch this:

Yamato party 2009 will be held in san'azaria hall,Wakou-city
on 3rd May.


This would be a good year to go I would think. I suspect Nishizaki will have some new stuff to promote by then.

thank you for the pics, that's some cool stuff!
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Date:February 16th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)
Still, am really sorry you had to get off the Harlock & 999 story. I was looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for the heads-up on Yamato Party! Would love to go, and hope to finally do it this year; the timing hasn't worked out in the past, but this time so far, so good...knock wood...

The Baldios Beam Gun isn't a perfect match for what was shown in the opening titles, but at least it's in the neighborhood:

Hey, BTW, after rescuing a box of old photos from storage back home, at work I showed around a photo of the Cosmo Gun you'd made in the early '80s. Folks were really impressed!
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Date:February 16th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
Ya know, that's pretty darn close I think, surely near perfect compared to the Takatoku gun under the Macross and Orguss packaging!

Thanks for the kind words, who knows, maybe in the future Otaku USA will open up more space for a larger article on Harlock et al and I can go to town. I did have a little fun writing a 'my feeling' segment about Macross in issue vol.2 number 3, the Dec. 08 issue. I don't know how I got the first essay slot, but I was pretty pleased how it turned out.

Found some pictures, eh? Man, that first Cosmogun I tried was made with NO references, then thanks to you turning me on to Books Nippan I got those Roman Albums, saw how WRONG I was, tried again...ah, what time has done what time has past. The two years trying to perfect my Cosmo Dragoon and now for pretty darn cheap Taito makes a perfect toy.

I'm gonna ask a HUGE favor, it just might make you hate me for doing so. Is there ANY way thru HLJ you can put a question up the chain to Taito and see if they have plans to make a Cosmogun for this big deal Yamato anny? The timing is right for such a product, and I know that due to export to the US issues HLJ would likely not carry it, but just knowing that it was coming I could prime people to keep an eye on the auction sites...

And there's the new Yamato 2 Pachislot game. Oh lordy, the cgi work for the 'cutscenes' looks AMAZING!

Dig it!

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Date:February 22nd, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
The February 09 issue arrived earlier this week, but don't think I've seen the December 08 issue yet! Jeez, hope it got here...will search around and see; want to read that! I remember you looking at early "Macross" coverage in a "My Anime" issue and commenting that the Valkyrie looked like it was based on an F-14 Tomcat...which is how the F-14 became one of the three whole planes I could recognize--along with the C-5 and F-4 Phantom II--for the next couple decades. (Nowadays I can recognize a slew more, what with the darn things crossing my desk in various forms almost every day...)

Taito announces its new loot three months in advance. Soon as I learn anything, will certainly let you know.

Thanks for the Yamato 2 game promo link! Hope someone posts the TV commercial currently airing; it has even more of the CGI scenes. Earlier last week I hadn't been aware of the game, just caught "Yamato III" #6 on Family Gekijou, and was snickering about a shot with Kodai painted up in Domon's colors, when the show broke for a commercial--and it first floored and then freaked me to see what appeared to be a real battleship Yamato at sea, suddenly taking off into the air! It looked real! The rest was astonishingly excellent, too!

[User Picture Icon]
Date:February 22nd, 2009 07:04 am (UTC)
Thank you for everything. yeah, given your earlier post about that F-4 Phantom I gather you've looked at a lot of planes, not to mention all the stuff at the company! :)

More Yamato 2 pachislot love


I'm convinced they used the new 1/700 kit (from the DVD set) as the basis for their CG model.

So, big woo-hoo Macross event. I read about it, and all I can think of is "yeah? SO? Space Battleship Yamato baby! Nishizaki put fans on a BOAT you lame-o" :)

(and the AmeriOtaku figure this means FOR SURE someone has licensed Macross F for US release. idiots.)

I apologize for eating up all your LJ with this blather, but I appreciate your thoughts!
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