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Crazy Days

It wasn't all that long ago that I'd practice hard to sing two songs a year... But now, am practicing hard to sing two songs in a weekend!

Performing at several sites around the country this year in celebration of his 30th anniversary in the business, Takayuki "Miya'nii" Miyauchi has scheduled a few "Kimi Yo! Utatchae-" events to coincide with his engagements, giving fans all over the country the chance to join him at this karaoke get-together. He's hosted occasional "Utatchae" events for at least a couple of years but I've never been to one before, just read about them after the fact--but a month ago the planets were in alignment at last, and I was in time to reserve a spot in "Kimi Yo! Utatchae- Tokyo," slated for September 6 in Ginza!

The song was an easy choice--"Nagareboshi Gin," opening theme of Ginga; I'd really liked the manga, and when it finally got animated, its opening and ending themes both brought me a deep, happy satisfaction. At a 3 Kyoudai concert a couple years ago, at a venue with seats, Miya'nii walked among the rows as he sang this song and shook hands with a few people...including me! It was a thrill I'll never forget. So, yeah, the song was an easy choice. ;^)

Except suddenly, September 6 is this Saturday...how'd that happen?! Have been practicing two nights a week all month, but still, yikes!

The very next day will see the grand return of Akira "Qu-cy" Kushida's "Kimi Mo Solo De Utau-zo!" In limbo for more than a year and a half after the destruction of its longtime home, "Utau-zo!" will have its 16th edition at Shibuya Club Crawl, the site of Qu-cy's Soul Engine 2 solo live last May.

With this being Kinnikuman's 29th anniversary (2-9, ni-ku...), figured I'd take another whack at "Kinnikuman Sensation," the third opening theme of Kinnikuman:

Last time had gone kinda awry, but with three years of practice since, and with a second verse in English this time (if I can finish writing the darn thing! Keep "choujin"? Or make it "superman"? Think English-speaking fans commonly use "choujin"...but if it's "choujin," people might wonder why that's the only thing not in English...moomph, waffle-waffle...), am hoping hard to improve.

All that gotta-ganbarou aside, am really hoping Miya'nii might also sing (he's amazing to see in action up close--he opens his mouth and That Voice comes out! How does he do it?!) , and am looking forward so much to whatever wildness Qu-cy is planning to serve up! Will be back next week with what happened (as well as What Happened In Nagoya)!

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