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"Kimi Yo! Utatchae- Tokyo," 9/06/2008

Got back from the wild weekend, offloaded the photos to my home computer, picked out a few and uploaded them to Anison Central to play with in working out a photo report layout here...and the computer's hard drive promptly crashed!! Oh no oh no oh nooooo...!! Evil Genius JO will be taking a look at it tomorrow night to see if anything can be salvaged. In the meantime, after a frantic lunch hour bashing away on it on the work computer, here's the first of the two photo reports:

With attendance limited to three dozen fortunate fans, Takayuki "Miya'nii" Miyauchi's karaoke get-together "Kimi Yo! Utatchae- Tokyo" was held last Saturday at plush Pasela Resorts Ginza. Entrants sat at tables along both long walls of an uncommonly spacious rectangular room; the short wall at one end was filled with the karaoke screen and equipment, while the opposite end became the "stage," where Miyauchi-san got things rolling.
Accompanied by a trio of guitarists (including Macho, at far left, who also emceed this event) and a bongo player, longtime percussionist Miya'nii first gave us a peek at his own bongo savvy, and then served up a soulful "Kamen Rider Black RX."
Then, one by one as their names were drawn by lot, each fan joined Miyauchi-san and sang their chosen song...together with him! He stood beside each entrant and sang right along--sometimes harmony, sometimes chorus, sometimes the main song!

Halfway though, special guest Kenta Satou came out and performed "Kousoku Sentai Turboranger," and then he and Miyauchi-san sang a song together, at right.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Miyauchi-san's debut. In celebration, fans and management surprised him with a big cake and a slew of gifts, including a photo album of congratulatory messages from fans that was assembled earlier that day in a Polaroid-photo-and-marker-pen flurry in Pasela's lower lobby.
Three from the end, my name was drawn, and I went tremblingly up to sing Ginga opening theme "Nagareboshi Gin" beside Miyauchi-san. After 20 years of singing along with the TV or a CD, to experience having him sing it right there beside me, beginning to end, both of us really going...it was one of the most tremendous thrills of my life!

The guitarists and bongo player made a surprise return to assist the final entrant and Miya'nii with the last verse of "Kamen Rider Black RX," and then Miyauchi-san and the musical group delivered a fantastic grand finale with "Tokusou Exceedraft." He then scrammed out to await us in the lobby, where he shook hands, signed autographs, thanked us and wished us well, and then even joined us for a group photo outside.

This was my first "Utatchae-", and beforehand I wondered a lot what it would be like, not knowing what to expect. Miyauchi-san is known for his kindness and generosity, but for him to actually sing with everyone--mannn, I'd never imagined that! It was an absolutely unforgettable time.


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