ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete) (ii_jidai) wrote,
ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

One way to celebrate the arrival of the GN-U Dou Baldios...

...is this memorial photo of it about to boot Phantom Baxingar's butt! (Guest-starring a startled Triceratops...almost as startled as the staffers who came back from lunch to find me on the office floor, documenting this charming tableau. ;^) )

After a rattle-boom-bam six events in the past two weekends, quiet time is nearly here...just one more busy day first, shooting photos for work tomorrow at the All-Japan Modeling Hobby Show at Makuhari Messe. After that, am looking forward to holing up at home for some fun finishing assorted and sordid stuff in the works! Yoroshiku!
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