December 2nd, 2008


Suuuuuuuper Sentai...SPIRITS!

Still spinning after a whirlwind of a weekend...! Saturday started with a field trip to the Tokyo Dome City's Sky Theater for its fourth "Engine Sentai Go-onger" hero show (I shot some video there and posted a couple clips on YouTube), followed by the "Super Sentai Spirits III: The 20th Century Version" concert, and then unwinding with friends over a nice meal at a beef specialty place. Things got rolling again Sunday at noon with a solid-sentai karaoke party in Shibuya, and then it was on to nearby venue Shibuya O-East for the dynamite "21st Century Version" conclusion of Super Sentai Spirits III...!

Unlike the past two Super Sentai Spirits concerts, this third edition unfortunately was not filmed for DVD, and no plans for a CD release were announced. (What does seem like a candidate for a DVD or CD release is the "Project.R 1st Live: Song Grand Prix" concert slated for February 11, also at Shibuya O-East. From the full-page flyer distributed at Super Sentai Spirits, it looks like this event just might include every "Go-onger" song there is! Project.R's pile of members will be joined by special guests Akira Kushida, MoJo, and Takayuki Miyauchi. This is a super-short-notice event; advance tickets are on sale today through Friday via Birthday Song, with regular tickets through the regular vendors starting Dec. 13. More info is on the events list at Anison Central.)

And nowww...the set lists (and a few observations)!

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