ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete) (ii_jidai) wrote,
ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

It Can't Be That I'm Not Otaku Enough...

This throwing words at the Web, man...it's not print.

I miss seeing words reemerge on honest-to-gosh coated stock, sometimes weeks, sometimes months after rattling 'em into the PC. *sigh* Happened every month for 11 years...but I left it to come to Japan.

Lately, though, have had the urge to try to do something print-wise with what I've seen and learned here, and with industry contacts I've been lucky to meet. Have been tremendously impressed with Otaku USA (even bought a subscription, instead of just reading the advertiser copies at work), so I was hoping they might be interested...and pitched a half-dozen ideas on October 3 to the address their website lists as the one for people who want to write for the magazine, otakuusa at gmail.com (titling my e-mail "Missive to the Mighty Macias," natch).

A month passed. No answer.

A week ago, I updated the e-mail and sent it again to the same address. I also used their website's contact form to ask if the otakuusa at gmail.com address was still correct, since there'd been no answer.

No answer, and no answer.

So, I dunno if that means there's no interest, or folks are too busy, or I'm just not one of the cool kids. ('Cause it sure as hell can't be that I'm not otaku enough. ;^) )

Sit tight a while longer, 'cause this might be typical before time is found for a yea or nay? Or feel free to head elsewhere now, 'cause no news by now likely means no interest then, now, or beyond? Would really appreciate any advice...!

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