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Ureshikutte Gomen Nasai! Part 3

This will be a quickie--gotta scram within the hour to start the trek to the airport for a few days out of town. Got a late start on packing for it, what with going to yesterday's MoJo and Takayuki Miyauchi concert being a, heh-heh, higher priority...

This was their third "Ureshikutte Gomen Nasai!" team-up--and like the second in Osaka the year before last, it was a hoot, with their trading stories and commentary between tremendous tunes.

One of the highlights was "Densentsu," usually performed by the Tamashii no 3 Kyoudai trio of MoJo, Miyauchi-san, and Akira Kushida. With Qu-cy elsewhere that day, MoJo and Miya'nii searched the audience for a replacement, and selected fan Naniwa No Goinkyou-san--who surprised both them and us with a great gravelly Qu-cy imitation!

The mighty MoJo was in fantastic full force, turning himself almost inside-out time after time after time--"Eyes of Justice," "Kibou no Siren Builder," "Engine Gattai Engine-o G6"...! (Think all of us about turned ourselves inside-out on "G6"!) And Miya'nii was in super-smooth powerful voice; it was great to get to hear "Unmei no Senshi," "Dareka ga Kimi o Aishiteiru," and "1000 Nen Senshi."

November 16, 2008 at Shinjuku Headpower, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Featuring MoJo and Takayuki Miyauchi, with special guest Shocker OH!NO!

1. Kousoku Denjin Albegas (Albegas op): MoJo
2. Choudenshi Bioman (Bioman op): Takayuki Miyauchi
3. Eyes of Justice (Gaoranger ins): MoJo
4. 1000 Nen Senshi (Timeranger ins): Takayuki Miyauchi
5. Seiun Kamen Machineman (Machineman op): MoJo
6. Denko Action Machineman (Machineman ins): MoJo
7. Ore no Na wa Machineman (Machineman ed): MoJo
8. Kamen Rider Black RX (Kamen Rider Black RX op): Takayuki Miyauchi
9. Unmei no Senshi (Kamen Rider Black RX ins): Takayuki Miyauchi
10. Dareka ga Kimi o Aishiteiru (Kamen Rider Black RX ed): Takayuki Miyauchi
11. Kibou no Siren Builder (Boukenger ins): MoJo
12. Moeyo Gekijuuken! (Gekiranger ins): Takayuki Miyauchi
13. Sukkiri: MoJo
14. Domino Taoshi: Takayuki Miyauchi
15. Ore wa Seigi da! Juspion (Juspion op): MoJo & Takayuki Miyauchi
16. Densetsu (Boukenger VS Super Sentai ed): Mojo, Takayuki Miyauchi, and fan Naniwa No Goinkyou-san
17. Jinsei no Teishaeki (999 im): MoJo
18. Ore no Heart wa Yume Jikake (Dynaman ins): MoJo
19. Goal wa Mirai (Exceedraft ed): Takayuki Miyauchi
20. Engine Gattai Engine-o G6 (Go-onger ins): MoJo
21. G9! Tune-up (Go-onger ins): Takayuki Miyauchi
Encore 22. Super Sentai Medley Battle Fever J/Dai Sentai Goggle V/Kagaku Sentai Dynaman: MoJo w/Shocker OH!NO!
23. Rescue Medley Tokkei Winspector/Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain/Tokusou Exceedraft: Takayuki Miyauchi

Less than two weeks to go now 'til the huge Super Sentai Spirits III concerts! ...And, yikes, a whole lot less than that 'til my train leaves... Back in a few days!

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