ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete) (ii_jidai) wrote,
ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

Extreeeeeme Close-up! Lawson's Yamato Mechanic Collection

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of "Uchuu Senkan Yamato" (also known outside Japan as "Star Blazers") coming up in 2009, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson will offer eight different miniature spacecraft from the series, sold coupled with certain canned coffees, starting next week...and they kicked off the campaign with this hoot of a commercial!

Hey, the local denkiya has put its Sanyo Xacti video cameras on sale so cheap, couldn't help but give one a home tonight... That Lawson commercial is the first thing I tried shooting with it. Definitely plan on bringing it along to Tokyo tomorrow, in the hopes of grabbing a glimpse of something fun!

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