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ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

Happy Holidaze...!

Akemashite omedetou! Hope this finds the New Year treating you right!

December is crazy season from gate to wire, especially in the toy-selling biz--but work aside, this time two Christmas get-togethers, a half-dozen bounenkai forget-the-year parties (five of 'em anison-related!), two days of Comiket, and a countdown-to-the-New-Year concert wound 2008 up in a wonderful whirl.

Trying to fight off a colossal cold now so this will be short, but for now, here's a peek at two nifty Christmas gifts:

At MoJo's MoJox2 X'mas show on Dec. 20, which included special-guest performances by grand-prize winners in his MoJox2 Nodo Jiman events, friend Satomi-san and I were given the chance to debut our half-Japanese, half-English duet version of "Engine Gattai Engine-O G6"--and MoJo added even further to the thrill by leaping in on the final chorus, the three of us going like blazes! Wild beyond words!

Annndo on Almost-Christmas Day, the first Saturday after it's-a-weekday-so-of-course-it's-a-workday Dec. 25, Mighty M and Finder J and Spoony and I had our traditional get-together, where this "Dai Apollon"ophile received an astonishing item I hadn't known existed...

...A Bullmark toy of our hero's zip-around plane, the Space Clear-go, with sparking motor, in a box that's seen 'way better days but still boasts an uber-cool box top and is even too long to fit on the scanner! Woo-hoo!

Hope you got neat loot too, and that we'll all have a fine '09!
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