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A Quick Look at Comiket - Somewhere It's Showa

About A Quick Look at Comiket

Previous Entry A Quick Look at Comiket Jan. 6th, 2009 @ 01:24 pm Next Entry
Shot from an adjacent outside walkway as Spoony, Naye and I made our escape after a three-hour feeding frenzy, here's a glimpse inside Big Sight's East Hall 1-2-3 on the first day of the Dec. 28-30 Winter Comic Market (with Spoony and Naye discussing its size)! This was just about a third of the doujinshi selling area; East Hall 4-5-6 was its mirror image, and West Hall 1-2 was crammed full too (West Hall 3-4 was the commercial vendors' area)...and of course, adding to the urgency, there'd be different circles at the tables on each of the event's three days.

Glad to have survived--and for the, uh...(let's see: winter '97, both in '98, winter '99, winter '00, winter '01, both in '02, both in '03, both in '04, both in '05, summer '06, both in '07, both in '08)...19th time, at that! ...yikes...
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Date:January 7th, 2009 05:23 am (UTC)
You know what?

That's a HELLA lotta people.

Honest, I don't think I could survive, you're a stronger person than I to brave such madness!

so, there's something missing! the Treasure Report! What did you score?
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Date:January 9th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
Welll...wasn't going to mention this, but...I was in an accident the Friday night before Comiket started on Sunday--was riding a bike along a line of cars waiting for a red light to change, and suddenly a passenger jumped out of one right in front of me, and I braked and swerved at the same time to miss him, went flying off the bike, and stopped quick when my back hit a metal light pole. The car scrammed out of there; I was sore but figured I'd live. Rested all the next day, and then was an idiot and went to Comiket...Spoony and I had circle passes for two of the three days; how hard could it be? The first day was rugged. The second day was just plain awful, and poor Spoony wound up carrying everything. The third day, I went to the hospital instead of Comiket. X-rays showed that no bones were broken, though; it's just an injury to muscles that go from my back to my left arm, and should be back to normal in about a month after twice-a-day applications of big medicated patches. Spoony carted all the Comiket loot back to the house, and, uh, I'm not sure where it actually is...but in a little while, when I'm more sound, will certainly find it and give a report!
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