ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete) (ii_jidai) wrote,
ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

A Quick Look at Comiket

Shot from an adjacent outside walkway as Spoony, Naye and I made our escape after a three-hour feeding frenzy, here's a glimpse inside Big Sight's East Hall 1-2-3 on the first day of the Dec. 28-30 Winter Comic Market (with Spoony and Naye discussing its size)! This was just about a third of the doujinshi selling area; East Hall 4-5-6 was its mirror image, and West Hall 1-2 was crammed full too (West Hall 3-4 was the commercial vendors' area)...and of course, adding to the urgency, there'd be different circles at the tables on each of the event's three days.

Glad to have survived--and for the, uh...(let's see: winter '97, both in '98, winter '99, winter '00, winter '01, both in '02, both in '03, both in '04, both in '05, summer '06, both in '07, both in '08)...19th time, at that! ...yikes...

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