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For Now

Hey, all-

It's been way, way too long, and I apologize for the silence.

It's scary how much things have changed over the summer. At work, the internal structure was rearranged and my job became much more specialized (and stressful). Health-wise, I haven't been quite right for a while--and the results of last month's annual health check call for further tests for possible breast cancer and diabetes, yikes! I don't yet have a car or Japanese driver's license, so that's now a top priority; otherwise, being in the boonies without much public transport, getting between the hospital and work is going to be difficult.

On the good side, my private book "The Soul Man of Anison: Akira Kushida" was gratifyingly well received, and I was commissioned to head up a similar one on a similar topic; code-named Operation Umanami, it goes to press in just over a month so has been making my nights pretty crunchy. There's interest on three fronts in my singable-English translations of anime and tokusatsu songs; I did three songs for the first, am working on one for the second, and learned about the third just last Sunday. On Sept. 26, I get to sing "Ai Senshi" at a live house in Roppongi as part of MIQ's VLOMIQ class happyoukai (still need a ton of practice, though), and am working on an English second verse for "Crystal Knights Necrime" for my entry in next month's MoJo x2 Nodo Jiman.

That hasn't left time for much else. But I have family on Facebook, so have been trying to get on there, read and post once a day. Not always successful, but having a character limit there is actually encouraging, since I don't feel obligated to ramble on, and so don't put it off because I'm feeling too whupped to write anything that might turn out to run long; write a few lines and it's did.

I'm trying to keep to a schedule of updating Anison Central on Tuesday nights (and my Baldios cel site on Monday nights). But for now, think it might be best to have this journal on a back-burner until some of the current crop of projects and worries are safely past.

In the meantime, you're certainly welcome to do the friend thing with me on Facebook, if you like; I do write some about anison (f'rinstance, I shot photos of Ken Narita and MIQ last weekend, and posted them there yesterday and today).

Thanks so much for your patience, and I hope to be back soon!

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