ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete) (ii_jidai) wrote,
ii_jidai (formerly toki_o_koete)

DASH! DASH! ing through the snow...

Managed to misfile these photos for a while, but finally found the darn things! Kinda late, but here's something from the month before last...

What with December 25 being a work day, a few days later Mighty M, Finder J, Spoony, and I got together to gobble Christmas cookies, watch favorite old animated holiday specials, and give and get loot. We've done this the last few years, but this was the first time it would be at my place.

Here's the tokonoma as it usually is:

Come the big day, the Fewture GigaByte Great Mazinger was easier to find than the box with my little fake tree (besides, at almost 3 feet tall, he's about twice its size!)--sooo...


Coming up next: the Top Ten Most Memorable Moments from 2007 Anison Concerts!

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