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Sorry, slightly sidetracked...

The May issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine has just come out, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but...

...the prototype for a 20cm (a little over 7 3/4 inches) Baldios toy! It's planned for a June release in CM's Corporation's Brave Gohkin line (which usually has some die-cast content)...it'll even be formed by its transforming components Pulsarburn (woo-hooo! Dunno why I love that clunky thing so much, but, I just does!), Cutteranger, and Baldiprise! Dengeki devoted a whole page to it.

Yamato also recently announced a Baldios for sometime this year, theirs to be part of the soon-to-launch GN-U "Do" line of li'l Revoltechesque actiony-figurey-'bots (mostly Ashi Pro- and Kokusai Eigasha-related...who knows, maybe Ashi Pro's recent renaming as "Production Reed" has opened some doors).

After so many years of there only being the Nomura-produced Baldios toys from 1980, to have two new ones on the horizon, with the benefits of today's engineering, has me white-hot stoked! Baldios has been a favorite of mine since watching the show's first eight episodes first-run as an exchange student in '80 (and I've been scared to play with my Nomura Triple-Cross Baldios toy from back then, since the thing is worth so darn much now!).

To tie this back to anime songs...Kouichi Ise, whose anison output was Baldios' TV opening and ending themes, period, has surfaced as a performer at Osaka's super-fancy-looking Sound Inn Eikokukan. Maybe Mr. Ise could be persuaded to reprise the songs at an anison concert...after all, if there can be Baldios toys again after 28 years, anything can happen!
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