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Time out for toys! - Somewhere It's Showa

About Time out for toys!

Previous Entry Time out for toys! Mar. 28th, 2008 @ 11:33 am Next Entry

We got Bandai's Soul of Chogokin God Mars in at work today! Have been eagerly anticipating its release since last summer...although I won't be able to buy one for a while, since the darn thing is 23,000 yen, and expenses from last month's trip home ate most of the fun money in this month's paycheck. Ah well, at least I got to touch the box... *sigh*

Inside the box--of course taking the box's word for this, for I am not of the league of lucky God Mars owners--are the six robots that combine to form God Mars (wow, and Gaia can even be posed just as spastically as in the show!)...annnndo--holy cats!--there's even the Cosmo Crusher three-in-one plane! I've been wanting a toy to be made of that for years! Gonna be a happy day indeed when I too can call an SoC God Mars my own.

Oh yeah, and to tie this to anime songs...What the heck ever happened to Ippo Hiura, who sang the "God Mars" TV series opening and end themes? Dude, you and that great end theme, "Ai no Kinjitou," were number two for 1982 Animage Grand Prix Song of the Year--just one vote behind winner "Lum no Love Song," 1631 to 1630! So from there, you...disappear from the scene for a while. And then return in late '83 with second "Sasuraigar" end theme "Maybe Baby," and then...disappear some more (well, okay, that's kinda understandable after "Maybe Baby")...until you resurface in '86 with the brilliant "Ikkiman" opening and end themes! Sweet vindication! But then, you disappear again. And haven't shown up since, in any music genre. At least not by that name. Come baaack, Mr. Hiura~!

Even though it wasn't the SoC God Mars, at least I was able to get a neat toy this month. The package arrived yesterday, and after it passed Sheba's inspection, I couldn't help but tear the thing open! Hard to hold back after 28 years of searching for...

...Nomura Toy's Baldios Pulsaber! From a YJ!A seller in Hokkaido, this actual-size-if-the-Baldios-'bot-was-as-long-as-a-lemur plastic replica of Baldios' blade is still in its unopened package, complete with hang card (hasn't had an easy time through the years, though) and instructions on how to play with it ("Push button to make big. Brandish as you run about. Whack things. Repeat." ...Okay, no, but that's what it should say!).

Mannn, wish I had a copy of the TV commercials made for this and Nomura Toy's Secret Nine, the kid-sized plastic incarnation of the does-nine-secret-things wonder-weapon of a briefcase that was featured in one whole episode of "Baldios." ("Let's see...what sort of gadget weapon would kids love?" "Hmmm...how about a terrarium? Oh, wait, that's not very gadgety. What about a pair of stilts? Gadgety-type ones. Or, how about a briefcase?" "That's it! What kid doesn't love a briefcase?! Let's do it!" And lo, Nomura Toy is no longer here today...)

Okay, coming up next for real--Aniki! With video!
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Date:March 28th, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it passed Sheba's inspection! I'm not sure I'd open something if it didn't... Doesn't the Secret 9 have a firing mechanism in it so it shoots darts or something? What kid doesn't love something that fires pointy projectiles?
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Date:April 16th, 2008 02:26 pm (UTC)
Now that I look at the darn thing, it is not, in fact, a briefcase. It's an attache case! (...Did Haran Banjo have anything to do with this?) And it does indeed fire projectiles, which are termed "missiles." The instructions ask that you not shoot them at people or animals. (Marine actually follows that to the letter in the episode. Sheesh.)
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